Grindeks has proven that it is possible to produce more with our current resources

Grindeks has proven that it is possible to produce more with our current resources

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Baiba Galvina, the Head of Production department at Grindeks has been working for the company for more than 25 years. She believes that Grindeks throughout the years has proven its capability to produce more with the resources available to the company. It is all based on quality and consistent work every single day.

Collaboration between departments. The biggest success for the company is good synergy between  different departments. We all work together and do everything as proficient as we possibly can and help each other out. Grindeks is working 24/7 and the volume we can produce on a consistent basis is 1.8 to 2 million packages per month, but currently we are producing around 2.4 million packages.

The role of efficiency and improvement. Challenges and changes always are an opportunity, because there will be two kinds of people – one who want change and the other who fear them. Changes are inevitable because without change people and businesses are stagnating and remain on the spot. To understand the data, we have a real-time follow-up tool Global Reader that lets us understand volumes and gradually increase efficiency. From this, we get theoretical data, but the experience gained over the years helps to understand of how long each product actually needs.

Impact of Covid-19 to producing. Production volume and demand are only sub-linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is also the company’s targeted work that has increased demand. There were, of course, major challenges at the beginning with deliveries and their execution times, and there was a sudden demand for other products at the beginning of the pandemic.

Importance of GMP. This is the fundament on which base our everyday work, which applies to everything – the rooms and their arrangements, staff, quality and absolutely everything that can be seen in the plant. They have not changed very much over the years, but they become stricter, of course, all these requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice are needed to make medicines as safe as possible for patients which is the big goal for every pharmaceutical company.

Advice to everyone. “I wish happiness and healthy sleep in a decent amount to everyone, because it will improve health for all of us.”

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