Go green. Go Grindeks

Go green. Go Grindeks

Progress is impossible without change of thinking – everyone is responsible for evaluating use of necessary work recourses and waste sorting. We all are actively engaged in environmental issues; we take equal responsibility for energy consumption on the daily basis.

As one of the most powerful pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Baltic region, Grindeks is aware that the health of its patients also largely depends on fresh and unpolluted air, good living condition and the availability of natural resources. Careful and responsible attitude towards nature and the environment is another way how Grindeks promotes public health and well-being.

We ensure and control the entire product life cycle, from laboratory research to the delivery of final dosage forms to customers (pharmacies, hospitals). Sustainable use of resources, efficient waste management system, careful control of the product life cycle and transparency are mandatory requirements for the successful Grindeks operation. We regularly review our internal business processes to identify possibilities for improvement and integrate new innovative solutions for more effective environmental protection in accordance with the standards set by “Grindeks” itself and the requirements of international legislation.

Scope of environment protection

  • Energy consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Amount of waste
  • Air emission
  • The environmental impact of the product by improving its manufacturing and innovation process

We adhere to more than 70 binding legislative acts and requirements of environment protection; additionally, the company holds a category “A” permit for polluting activity issued by The State Environmental Service.

The company’s Environmental Management System is established in accordance with the Standard LVS EN ISO 14001, while the Energy Management System adheres to the Standard LVS EN ISO 50001. Development of environmentally friendly technologies is carried out in accordance with the European Commission recommendations, which include the best available technical and technological solutions for implementation of fine organic synthesis processes, as well as reduction and recycling of the emissions and waste.

Grindeks follows the European Commission’s guidelines on best available techniques and analogous pharmaceutical manufacturing complementary sectors. The company has an environmentally friendly industrial wastewater treatment concept with a modern, closed industrial biological wastewater treatment plant. A modern laboratory operates within the treatment plant, where wastewater analysis and performance monitoring are made, as well as wastewater research.

Go green

Since 2021, Grindeks strongly focus on digitalization. Digital transformation includes a review of all existing business processes – from internal processes and relationships between business structures, to customer relationships, business planning and new product research and development.

Technologies and digital solutions allow us to be more systematic and precise, thus allowing us to become more efficient in fulfilling our main task of providing our patients with the necessary medicines.

Grindeks ambition is to completely abandon the circulation of paper documents by 2025.