Constant improvement of work organization helps to work easier and better

Constant improvement of work organization helps to work easier and better


Laila Putnina, the Head of Purchasing Division at Grindeks is responsible for every purchasing process in the company. She believes that communication is always the key, whether it is an everyday conversation with employees or an important business meeting with partners. The aspect of work she emphasizes the most is the need of constant improvement of how we organize our work.

laila putnina

Purchasing Division at Grindeks. The exciting part of our job is that we buy the necessary things for the whole company – household goods, equipment, tables, chairs and of course – raw materials for production, so we order almost everything Grindeks needs, we are closely or not so closely connected to all units of company without exception.

Communication with business partners. In today’s age of globalization, it is necessary to get to know each individual, and it is not important whether the partner is from the United States, China, Europe or any other place in the world. In every case, it’s a person who you need to get to know and understand their proposals. At the moment, it is only in video format, but globalization has made us all a lot more somewhat alike, which also makes it easier to build a business relationship.

The role of efficiency and improvement in modern workplace. It is a continuous process and it is very important to be aware that improving and simplifying your work is not a one-off measure, but those are continuous actions that help you to work easier and better. I would also like to emphasize the importance of not only improving and making work more efficient, but also explaining and teaching why it is necessary. This is very, very important, because otherwise it makes no sense to improve, you must be aware of why it should be done and not simply do it, because someone said that.

Changes are always difficult, but mostly needed. There is certainly no need for change just to make changes, it must be meaningful and valuable. An example of the work environment change is arranging folders on internal drives so that a new employee our colleague can come and easily find information that is needed. Also interesting is the 5S principle, which requires you to sort out your work desk or tool box. It’s not that you sort your desk once and enjoy it for an hour. You do it regularly and keep the order to make it easier for you to find things and not take half an hour to find something in your drawers. It initially increases the amount of work, but in the long run it only improves life. Speaking about everyday life, usually people don’t like change. Homepages and social networks are a simple example. When any of these changes are made, we are angry that we cannot find and understand anything, but then we get used to it and see why it was necessary. It is important to find a reason and openness for what changes are needed both at work and your daily life.

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