D. H. Grindel Award

D. H. Grindel Award

The D.H.Grindel Award by JSC Grindeks is the highest professional honour given for significant or lifetime contribution to pharmacy or medicine.

In 1995 Grindeks presented the award for the first time when the tradition was created to honour the memory of David Hieronim Grindel (1776 – 1836) – the first natural scientist, doctor and pharmacist of Latvian descent.

In 2015, marking its 20th anniversary, the D.H. Grindel medal was turned into an award – sculpture. It is a symbolic piece of art carries the message of caring, humanity and responsibility.

The sculptor author of the award: Artist Anda Munkevica.

Medicine and pharmacy excellences in Latvia

“There is a significant message behind every Grindeks award – they remind us of the crucial role science has in the pharmaceutical industry’s development, where research and development of each and every product is based on scientific studies – meaningful discoveries of human health and life,” Kirovs Lipmans, the chairman of Grindeks Council, noted.

Since 1995 D. H. Grindel medal and award has been granted to notable persons in medicine and pharmacy in Latvia such as children neurologist Jurģis Strautmanis, Prof. Dr. med. Andrejs Ērglis, Prof. Dr. med. Juris Pokrotnieks, Prof. Dr. med. Ināra Logina, Dr. med. Vilnis Dzērve-Tāluts, Dr. habil. chem., Dr. hist. h. c., prof., Jānis Stradiņš, Prof. Dr. habil. biol. Elmārs Grēns, Dr. habil. chem. Regīna Žuka, Prof. Dr. hab. chem. Ivars Kalviņš, Dr. chem. Jānis Polis, Asoc. prof., Dr. pharm. Vija Eniņa, Dr. habil. med. Vija Kluša, Dr. Pēteris Apinis, Dr. chem. Osvalds Pugovičs, Prof. Dr. pharm. Maija Dambrova, Dr. habil. chem. Raimonds Valters and several other excellences.