Margarita Troinikova: Grindeks biggest advantage as an employer is stability

Margarita Troinikova: Grindeks biggest advantage as an employer is stability


Head of Active pharmaceutical ingredient production unit Margarita Troinikova has been working for 10 years at the company. As the main Grindeks benefits as an employer, Margarita values stability, competitive pay and the vast program of motivation and loyalty. She has a lot of hobbies, but her calling is to participate in a variety of charities. This year Grindeks and our employees are helping an animal shelter “Ķepu-ķepā”.

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How long have you been working for Grindeks? Tell me about your career path and growth in Grindeks!

I have been working here for 10 years. Here I started as an intern at the manufacturing station of the active pharmaceutical substance Zopiclone, worked there for 9 years, and then became the head of Mildronate® production unit.

Why did you choose to work in this sector?

The decision was not taken immediately. The first thing I told myself when I came to practice was, “I’m not going to stay here”. My opinion changed about a month later. Atmosphere, collective and leaders – all this made me think over and understand that I really want to be part of Grindeks team.

What have you studied before?

I graduated from RTU Technology college. By specialty, I’m biotechnologist.

What is your daily work, which are the main responsibilities?

My responsibility is to manage the work of the production station, to perform the necessary personnel briefings, to manage the production documentation and to follow the quality of the product. Monitoring the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients is a very responsible task.

What characteristics do you most appreciate in your colleagues?

A willingness, a desire to help colleagues and a sense of humour, because without it, it is very difficult.

What challenges do you face in the day of work?

There are no “daily routines” in production. Every day is a new challenge. Replacement of operational personnel due to sickness or leave, technical production issues and challenges to be addressed here and immediately. New staff who need to be trained. All this makes up our daily lives.

What are the things that give you the most pleasure and satisfaction in the day of work?

Work that is well done, but the most important thing is the satisfaction of my station team with themselves and the work done, the mood, the desire to work and improve. Without the support of the team, we will not be able to achieve anything.

What are Grindeks advantages as an employer?

It is STABILITY. Grindeks is like a great ship, which, despite all the crises and challenges in the world, continues to be a stable and convincing course in the waters of the world. Of course, also the competitive pay and the vast loyalty program.

Known for taking part and organising a variety of charity during the free time of work, how long and why have you done it?

I won’t tell you exactly how long. About five years. Maybe more. Why? The soul demands it. Just at one point I realized I wanted to help, joined a super team #Becindlv, and that was how my participation in charity started.

Grindeks regularly organizes a variety of charity activities for employees. Tell me what charity the company is planning for this year!

This year, in collaboration with other company colleagues, we decided to help animal shelter “Ķepu-ķepā”. This is a “No kill” shelter that has great difficulty both with food for animals and needed things and with billing, because there are no sponsorships. One person may be small, but Grindeks is one large family, which together can provide a warm, healthy winter without hunger, and allow these animals to keep waiting for “their best home.” There are several ways to help, and each will be able to choose the right ones. And there will be an opportunity to go to the shelter yourself, to help you physically, and it may be where you are expected to be the fluffy friend of yours?

Your wish to everyone.
I wish everyone health and endurance. This is the most important thing. All the problems and difficulties must be solved and overcome. The main thing is to look forward and to take a step in the next day.

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