Diana Ratkevica: Ambitious goals can be achieved only by working in a cohesive team, discussing and tackling issues together

Diana Ratkevica: Ambitious goals can be achieved only by working in a cohesive team, discussing and tackling issues together


Diana Ratkevica, Head of Development department at Grindeks has been working here for more than 27 years. The development of new products is crucial for the rapid development and growth of Grindeks group. She talks more about ambitious ideas, their implementation, and the important role of team work in successful work, and more.

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New product research and development

Grindeks group has very ambitious plans for new products. Given that the future of the group is based on the rapid expansion and registration of the product portfolio in strategic areas, it is very important to step up product development processes. In the future, the purchase of new equipment and the acquisition of new technologies is expected to increase the amount of products developed in Grindeks. The new Grindeks Innovation Centre will focus and centralise all development processes that will provide higher efficiency. It is a very serious project with its risks, challenges, and we are now at the very beginning of the road. We have a great team which is capable of transforming this beautiful dream and goal into reality. This year, Grindeks has already submitted 4 new products for registration, another 6 registrations are planned in the near future. This is an unprecedented case in Grindeks history, and yes, it wasn’t easy at all.

Grindeks key of success in product development

I believe that the key to success at work is the right choice of people and their skills to form an effective and motivated team. It is as important to create conditions for professional growth, acquiring new knowledge and skills, striving for excellence and curiosity. Looking at the development of new products, it is important to optimise processes, study factors and correlations affecting the quality attributes, learn to meet the requirements of the guidelines, and improve the quality of submitted documentation.

Biggest challenges

Development is a process where the result is never guaranteed. While development also has its own agenda, order, laws, standard schemes and standard solutions for problems, the development of each product is a separate story with its dead ends and the search for a new path. The biggest challenge is not to give up, to be able to think outside the box, and always to look for the solution for that product.
Importance of team work

Grindeks has started to make major decentralized medicine registrations in Europe and plans to further strengthen the markets of the U.S., Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea. Clearly, we’re starting a game in the highest league. Only by working in a cohesive team, discussing and tackling issues together we can reach major and ambitious goals. Of course, we will make mistakes and learn from them, look for other ways, and gradually become smarter and more knowledgeable. It is important that managers and employees of different departments understand the company’s development objectives in the same way, believe and support the direction of development.

Further development of Grindeks and pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical companies cannot afford not to develop, not to learn innovative technologies and not to produce new types of medicines. We have no chance of producing the same products for years because it’s not even staying at the same place, but sliding down. Others would quickly outwork a company that doesn’t think about its development and future.

What is your inspiration?

I like that Grindeks has taken a rapid course of development. It inspires me that product research and development is a certain part of fulfilling a dream. I like to work with creative, knowledgeable people who are open to new ideas. I often say that my team is very inspiring, they are targeted professionals who are sometimes not yet aware of their outstanding talents and abilities.

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