Prediabetes. Are you at risk of developing it?

Prediabetes. Are you at risk of developing it?


Prediabetes means that your blood sugar level is higher than normal, but not yet high enough to be considered type 2 diabetes. The prediabetes increases the risk of the type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke. The prediabetes usually has no signs or symptoms, so a person does not experience any changes in his/her health.

According to approximate estimations, 374 million adults aged 18 to 99, or 7.5% of the world’s population, suffer from the prediabetes. (1)

Why is it important to know if you have the prediabetes? The development of the type 2 diabetes is almost always preceded by the prediabetes. If you are diagnosed with the prediabetes, remember that it does not mean at once that you will develop the type 2 diabetes. Incorporating a healthy and balanced diet and physical exercises into your daily routine, as well as maintaining a healthy weight, can help normalize blood sugar levels and prevent the prediabetes from progressing to the type 2 diabetes. Even small changes in Your lifestyle can have a positive impact on your health.

The following risks increase the likelihood of developing the prediabetes:

  • excessive weight;
  • age 45 and over;
  • one parent, brother or sister has the type 2 diabetes;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • if you have ever had gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy)..

It is very important that diabetes should be diagnosed as early as possible, because if left untreated, health will gradually decline. If you are at high risk of developing the diabetes, your doctor may prescribe medications to lower your blood sugar level.


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