How to Increase Mental Activity?

How to Increase Mental Activity?


The concept of mental activity shall include an ability to memorize, analyze, structure data, and apply information in different situations, including under time constraint conditions. Simply put, a person with high mental activity remembers better and more, draws analogies faster, highlights the main ideas in voluminous texts and is able to quickly apply all available knowledge, as well as draw conclusions on the basis of previously obtained experience or provided data, which ensures the competitive advantages both in career and in life.

Why Does Mental Activity Decrease?

Congenital data of the mental activity can slightly affect the development of a person, but a learning process very noticeably increases the ability to analyze and synthesize, and also develops memory. In childhood, people learn very quickly, assimilating huge amounts of information, their own and others’ experience, receiving data from relatives and strangers, experimenting and observing. By the time of entering school, a child already has a large stock of information, and further education is aimed at developing analytical abilities and, in parallel, at training the memory. Active learning continues at university, then in the first months at work, and then there is a pause – the basic skills have been acquired and mastered, most of the actions ensuring the habitual way of life are performed automatically, and knowledge and skills which are not actively used begin to gradually fade from the memory, because they are useless.

The second reason why mental activity begins to decline lies in a lifestyle:

  • smoking, alcohol;
  • lack of sleep and absence of sleep schedule;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • decrease in a share of live communication;
  • incorrectly composed food diet;
  • a stressful environment.

All these factors lead to a decrease in the cognitive abilities and the gradual destruction of neural connections. Moreover, some bad habits lead to organic damage to the brain, which, in its turn, significantly reduces the mental activity.

Save and Increase

It is quite possible to restore mental activity indicators at the level of high school and university, even with a long break in training and a large list of the negative factors – it is enough to have motivation to start and self-discipline to continue working on Yourself. And the first thing which will help in improving the mental activity shall be studies. It doesn’t matter what exactly to study: you may learn a foreign language or get to know with the history of painting, learn to sculpt or embroider, go in for sports and understand intricacies of psychological training, learn a new profession or get additional education.

It is important to study regularly, to try to minimize the influence of the harmful factors and do not forget about rest! At first, working on Yourself will be difficult and tedious, because the brain is used to spending a minimum of efforts.

Combination of constant self-development, work and rest mode and medications improving brain functions at the organic level, allows you to quickly achieve noticeable results in a new field of activity, which provides increased motivation to master new skills. As a result, the level of the mental activity constantly increases, which not only improves performance, but also protects against the age-related degenerative changes.

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