The Union of employees of JSC Grindeks signs a Collective Labour Agreement for 2008

The Union of employees of JSC Grindeks signs a Collective Labour Agreement for 2008


Today, on December 17 2007, the Chairman of the union of JSC Grindeks employees Gunārs Skubiņš and the Chairman of the board of JSC Grindeks Janis Romanovskis signed a collective labour agreement for 2008. The provisions of the agreement apply to all employees of JSC Grindeks and provide the conditions that ensure social security for the employees

The discussions of JSC Grindeks management and employees on different social guarantees like health insurance, benefits, salary and the welfare and safety of every individual worker are conducted regularly. The trade union summarizes the proposals made by the employees during the year and mutually acceptable solutions are sought during the discussions. The discussions result in signing the collective labour agreement, which is a mutually important event.

When signing the collective agreement the Chairman of the union of employees of JSC Grindeks Gunārs Skubiņš pointed out: “The economic situation in the state affects the rules of the game for successful business activities, that is why, if the company needs excellent employers, it has to care for them. I am satisfied with the result of our talks, as we were able to agree on several conditions of social insurance for the employees.”

The chairman of the board of JSC Grindeks Janis Romanovskis commented on the signing of the agreement: “The employees of the company are one of the main assets of the company, which is why it is important to ensure their social protection and trust in their employer. I believe that dialogue is the way for social partners to find the best solution to their issues and the collective labour agreement is a testimony of mutual understanding and trust.”

The conditions of the collective agreement provide a salary that corresponds to the demands of the labour market and assessment of the employees, a competitive system of bonuses, Project bonuses, social guarantees, benefits, different social privileges, health and life insurance, subsidized catering and transport for the employees, paid vacation, sports complex and other opportunities of education and recreation.

The union of employees of JSC Grindeks is a member organization of Latvian Education and Science Employees trade union. The union of employees of JSC Grindeks unites approximately half of the company employees. In January 2007 the union of employees of JSC Grindeks and JSC Grindeks received a social partnership diploma in the category of large companies.

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