The Minister of Finance of the Republic of Latvia visits Grindeks

The Minister of Finance of the Republic of Latvia visits Grindeks


Today, on 31 July the joint stock company Grindeks is visited by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Latvia Dana Reizniece-Ozola. The aim of the visit is to meet with company’s senior management, discuss topical issues and visit production.   

During the meeting the Chairman of  the Grindeks’s Council Kirovs Lipmans noted the importance of the industrial sector in Latvia: “Each enterprise has its own action plan and business strategy, based on which development model of enterprise is implemented and the goals are achieved. Therefore, it is supremely important for companies, especially those working for export, that the tax system is stable and predictable. Stability of the tax system gives confidence in the future, encouraging entrepreneurs to implement new projects and invest in Latvia. As a result of these actions we will have a positive impact on the economy of the state.” Mister Lipman also mentioned that it is very important at the state level to change the attitude towards enterprises, especially those that produce high value-added products and are real pillars of the Latvian economy.

In turn, the Chairman of the Grindeks’s Board Juris Bundulis during the presentation introduced to the Minister exporting advantages of Grindeks, company’s contribution towards innovations and development of the products’ portfolio. At the time of conversation following topics were actualized: labour shortage in pharmacy, availability of the medicines for Latvian people, as well as other questions. The Minister also visited the Production of active pharmaceutical substances and Microbiological laboratory, where she got acquainted with production processes and quality control of the medicines.

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