Profit of Grindeks reaches 12.9 million euro in 2019

Profit of Grindeks reaches 12.9 million euro in 2019


Today, on 28 February, the JSC Grindeks submitted the non-audited consolidated financial statements of 2019 to Nasdaq Riga. Non-audited financial results indicate that the Group’s profit in 2019 attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 12.9 million euro.

The Group’s turnover in 2019 was 141.4 million euro. In 2019, the Group’s production was exported to 84 countries worldwide, a total of 132.0 million euro.

The Chairman of the Board of JSC Grindeks Juris Hmelnickis: “The last year was a success as we managed to reach 12.9 million euro in profit – this is a guarantee for the further development of the Group. In the recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has been changing, and now pharmaceutical businesses must operate in an environment where customer needs are becoming more specific. Grindeks Group potential to offer solutions tailored to customer needs is very high. Our strategic business development goal is to be one step forward of the intense competition and expand Grindeks activities in our traditional markets, and in European Union, South East Asia countries and the USA.”

Sales volume of the final dosage forms in 2019 was 132.2 million euro. In 2019, the sales amount in Russia, the other CIS countries and Georgia reached 77.9 million euro. In comparison to 2018, in 2019 the biggest increase in sales volume was reached in Belarus (20%), Georgia (18%), Moldova (13%) and Armenia (12%). Sales volume of the final dosage forms in the EU countries in 2019 reached 50.2 million euro. Sales volume in 2019, compared with 2018, increased by 3 times in France, by 2 times in Sweden and Czech Republic, by 52% in Hungary and by 46% in Great Britain.

In 2019, sales of the active pharmaceutical ingredients reached 8.6 million euro. During this reporting period Grindeks mostly exported its active pharmaceutical ingredients to the EU countries, Japan, Australia and Canada. The most required active pharmaceutical ingredients of Grindeks in 2019 were dexmedetomidine, xylazine and pimobendan.

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