Mildronate – one of the most exported Latvian products!

Mildronate – one of the most exported Latvian products!


On March 26, the winners of the ‘Made in Latvia’ competition organised by the Chamber of Trade and Production were named during a formal ceremony at ‘Rīga’ cinema – that is, the most exported Latvian products. First place in the large non-food companies group was awarded to Grindeks’ brand product – the cardiological agent Mildronate (injections and capsules).

The diploma and memorial award was collected by Grindeks’ Financial and Administrative Director, Jānis Romanovskis, who proudly admitted to journalists that the company’s products have already featured among the competition’s winners for several years, however exports of Mildronate have doubled during the last year, testifying to the high competitiveness of this product in global markets.

Grindeks’ brand product Mildronate is much in demand in such countries as Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Armenia etc. “That item that we produce is very much needed by people,” was the apparently simple explanation of the increasing exports of Mildronate put forward by Jānis Romanovskis.

Pharmacist, Vera Brunovska, the Manager of the Final Dosage Forms warehouse explained that this year, Grindeks will take part in a tender with five of the products manufactured by the company that showed the greatest foreign sales in terms of cash returns during 2003. Also put forward for the tender besides the capsule and injection forms of Mildronate were such products as Ftorafur, Oxitocin and Somnol.

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