JSC Grindeks industrial wastewater treatment plants – 10 years anniversary!

JSC Grindeks industrial wastewater treatment plants – 10 years anniversary!


This year JSC Grindeks celebrates 10 years anniversary of an important environmental protection project. On June 4, 2009, on the eve of the World Environment Day, JSC Grindeks opened new industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Representing the pharmaceutical industry, the company’s operations are based on a series of chemical and biological processes that constantly encourage environmentally friendly actions. The new industrial wastewater treatment plants was a purposefully planned investment project to ensure efficient environment protection by preventing emissions of pollutants into soil, air and water. More than 3.5 million euros (2.5 million lats) were invested in the implementation of the project and construction was realized within two years.

Industrial wastewater treatment plants implements the most advanced and environmentally friendly biological treatment principle in the chemical industry, where the design and technology of closed-type treatment plants ensures the elimination of pollution in wastewater. During the process, wastewater is discharged into closed-type reactors where it is biologically purified using microorganisms that attach, grow and multiply in specific plastic cassettes. The specific odors generated by the treatment process are neutralized by using closed-type equipment and air filtration through a sludge and pine-filled tank. The air is discharged at a height of 15 m above the plant. A laboratory was also established for wastewater analysis, monitoring results and wastewater research.

As a pharmaceutical manufacturing leader in the Baltic States, JSC Grindeks is aware of its impact on the environment and its responsibility in its conservation and, through the development of a world-class pharmaceutical industry, continuously introduces environmentally friendly production processes and technologies aimed at maximizing environmental protection and pollution. Responsible action in environmental protection is one of the most important preconditions for the well-being and development of society today and in the future.

Facts on industrial wastewater treatment plant:

  • Over 10 years period 604 606 mof wastewater has been treated.
  • Treatment plant capacity – up to 500 m3/day.
  • The wastewater treatment process takes place in 5 biological treatment reactors. Each reactor has a volume of 200 m3.
  • The “Cocktail of Chemicals” is converted into harmless end products – CO2, N2, H2O and biomass.
  • The surface area of the biofilm carriers is 215,000 m2. There are 50 million biofilm carriers in the reactors.
  • Active Sludge Population: 95% bacteria. Protozoa – 4%. Multicellular (Metazoa) -1%. > 15 different protozoan and multicellular genotypes are represented.
  • 1 ml of water contains between 100,000 and 1,000,000 microorganisms.

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