Grindeks supports the second National Rehabilitation Congress

Grindeks supports the second National Rehabilitation Congress


The National Rehabilitation Congress of Latvia will take place from 25th to 27th of November.

The main goal of the event is to foster collaboration between healthcare professionals during rehabilitation process. This year’s topic is the human body functioning and the rehabilitation of patients after Covid-19.

On November 26, the second day of the congress, Grindeks industry symposium will be presented by Professor Aleksejs Derovs, who will talk about asthenia and metabolic therapy caused by COVID-19, and Edzus Prieditis, RX Product Group manager, who will talk about the use of medicine that is relevant in the general rehabilitation process.

The Congress will give each participant an opportunity to ask questions to experts, share their experience, and also visit virtual symposium of the conference participants, contributing to the cooperation of specialists.

Grindeks understands the importance of strengthening the tradition of regular Latvian medical specialist meetings to jointly resolve issues related to rehabilitation. Company management truly believes that cooperation and experience exchange should be encouraged as this contributes to the success of the invested work.

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