Grindeks promotes the development of the pharmaceutical industry

Grindeks promotes the development of the pharmaceutical industry


In recent years, Latvia has faced a shortage of graduates in various fields of exact sciences. The statistics reveal that young people are rarely choosing to pursue state exams in chemistry, indicating the need for collaborative solutions to address this trend.

Each year, Grindeks offers internship opportunities and employment positions to students from different universities, vocational institutions, and colleges in Latvia, such as Rīga Stradiņš University, University of Latvia, Rīga Technical University, Rīga State Technical School, and RTU Olaine Technology College. Over the past two years alone, Grindeks has provided more than 50 paid internships and over 10 job opportunities following the completion of internships. In the upcoming academic year, we plan to extend internship opportunities up to 30 students, aiming to enhance their professional growth in an industry that holds significant importance for individuals worldwide.

Kirovs Lipmans, Grindeks Chairman of the council, emphasizes the importance of supporting students and pupils as a fundamental aspect of shaping the country’s future. “We are dedicated to promote education and to gain interest in science, with a specific focus on chemistry, pharmacy, and medicine. The company believes that by offering support and expanding growth opportunities for young individuals, Grindeks will help the next generation in developing their potential and becoming an integral part of the scientific and healthcare field.”

In addition to this, Grindeks actively engages in activities targeting teenagers to enhance their interest and understanding of the importance of chemistry and pharmacy in today’s world. For example, we organize an intellectual game which draws participation from pupils across Latvia. This initiative aims to motivate young people to explore professions related to chemistry and pharmacy. Furthermore, Grindeks supports talented young individuals and encourages students’ interest in chemistry, pharmacy, and medicine by being a sponsor of the 29th Chemistry Olympiad in the Baltic States.

Grindeks continues to expand its presence in various European regions and beyond, providing opportunities for future employment within the company beyond Latvia. This expansion opens up new horizons for local talents who aspire to grow and develop on an international scale, thus contributing to the strengthening of Latvia’s economy. Through these efforts, Grindeks ensures professional growth prospects for individuals who seek to work on a global level while remaining connected to a Latvian enterprise.

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