Grindeks participates in Riga Technical University career fair

Grindeks participates in Riga Technical University career fair


On 17th of March at the Kipsala International exhibition Centre, Grindeks took part in Riga Technical University career fair to meet pupils and students to introduce Grindeks as a potential future work choice.

The company offered participants an opportunity to explore practices and career opportunities in Grindeks. With the help of virtual glasses, young people were able to glimpse what the company’s premises and manufacturing site looked like, as well as visitors were offered oxygen cocktails that improve health to highlight healthy lifestyle importance.

For several years, Grindeks is among TOP employers in Latvia, which is confirmed by various polls and rankings of top employers created in the country. In 2021 Grindeks ranked 2nd place as TOP manufacturing employer.

The Grindeks team in Latvia consists of 763 employees, while 682 employees work in subsidiaries and foreign representations. Grindeks emphasizes the importance of education and appreciates that 74.4% of the 1445 employees of the group are in higher education. 110 Grindeks employees graduated Riga Technical University – 70 have received Bachelor’s and 50 Masters degrees.

The company is constantly promoting the growth of young talent through collaboration between educational institutions and faculty, supporting various education and science projects, as well as Chemistry Olympiads. RTU career fair is Latvia’s largest professional development event, taking place for the 20st time, bringing together Latvian and foreign companies from different sectors. Grindeks believes participating in RTU’s career fair gives insight into the working environment and benefits of a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. It is an opportunity to meet in person with representatives of the company, establish contacts valuable for career development, as well as participate in educational activities.

Grindeks regularly invites people to familiarise themselves with the work environment of the company, informs the public about the new work and practice opportunities. The most current information can always be found on Grindeks website

The company is also active in the social environment:

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