Grindeks issues awards to young chemists

Grindeks issues awards to young chemists


On October 6, in co-operation with the Latvian Education Fund’s target programme ‘For Education, Science and Culture’, Grindeks made its ninth award to cash prizes to winners of the scientific work competition in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry and biologically active substance synthesis.

Grindeks awarded cash prizes to six young chemists who were among the winners of the scientific work competition organised under the auspices of the LEF target programme ‘For Education, Science and Culture’ on the subject of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biologically Active Substance Synthesis. Two award winners represent the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Latvia are four young talents are graduates of the Faculty of Material Science and Applied Chemistry at Rīga Technical University.

The cash prizes were presented by Grindeks’ Chairman of the Board, Valdis Jākobsons and LEF Target Programme Head, Professor Imants Meierovics.

Each author of a Bachelor’s project and the scientific leader thereof received a cash prize in the amount of 50lats and authors of Master’s projects and the leaders thereof received cash prizes in the amount of 80 lats.

This competition takes place once a year, following student’s presentation of their Bachelor’s and Master’s projects and the winners are chosen by a council of professors from both universities who assess the contents of the scientific work, the relevance of the chosen subject as well as the analytical ability of the project author.

Twice a year, as part of the LEF target programme, Grindeks also issues grants to the best students from the field of chemistry. In nine years, the company has supported more than 130 young specialists. Annually, Grindeks awards around 5,000 Lats to the LPI target programme.

Grindeks Chairman of the Board, Valdis Jākobsons noted that: “By presenting awards to the winners of scientific work competitions, we try to nurture the interest of young chemists in the further acquisition of theoretical and practical skills, because the chemistry sector has an acute need for talented specialists. Educational support is only one part of our company’s contribution to the development of Latvian pharmacy and chemical science, and during the course of this year, several measure are planned with which we plan to celebrate the contribution of scientists and academics to the industry.”

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