Grindeks invests 800 thousand euros in the creation of a multifunctional site

Grindeks invests 800 thousand euros in the creation of a multifunctional site


Joint-stock company “Grindeks” has invested 800 thousand euros in the site of production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and installed new, state-of-the-art laboratories and technological equipment for industrial production, which has allowed the unit to become multifunctional.

After the investments, the facility will be used for the development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. They will be used for production of Grindeks finished dosage forms or medicines, as well as for export. The department has the opportunity to work with equipment with a volume of 100ml to 20l, which allows the production of various of active substances from milligrams to kilograms.

To ensure the safety of workers and the protection of the environment, a reduced-pressure insulator with filtration systems has been installed for production to prevent highly effective API contact with humans and the environment. This is the first device of its kind in the Grindeks API factory. The site is also equipped with a modern monitoring and communication system for rapid response in case of non-standard situations.

Chairman of the Council of JSC Grindeks Kirovs Lipmans: “For the Grindeks Group to be able to grow rapidly, investments are necessary for the development of production. Every year we invest at least 10 million euros in development, which is a guarantee for the sustainable future of the group. This is the way, how Latvia’s pharmaceutical industry will be strengthened by presenting itself on the world stage and contributing to the Latvian economy.”

Chairman of the Board of JSC Grindeks Dr. chem. Juris Hmelnickis: “Research, development, production, and sale of active pharmaceutical ingredients is one of our business directions. We produce high value-added products and we have huge export potential. Thanks to the multifunctionality of the new site, we will be able to organize development and production processes more conveniently and productively. Combining many years of pharmaceutical experience, professional experience, and modern technology, patients will have access to effective medicines.”

It is expected that multifunctional site will produce APIs that will be used to produce painkillers, muscle relaxants, and cardiovascular products. These medicine products will expand the range of medicines of Grindeks subsidiary Kalceks intended for hospital needs.

Grindeks product range includes modern medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular, central nervous system, oncological diseases and diabetes, while the subsidiary Kalceks offers medicines for the hospital segment. Currently, 63 new Grindeks and 42 new Kalceks medicines are being developed.

API production is very important for the Grindeks group, and it is one of the group’s significant advantages in the pharmaceutical sector, which increases the company’s independence from raw material manufacturers. The company currently produces 25 APIs at the moment. There are 26 APIs at different stages of development. The largest exports of Grindeks APIs are to the countries of the European Union, USA, Japan, and Canada.

About Grindeks Group

Grindeks is an international pharmaceutical group, and its main activities are research, development, production, and sale of original products, generic medicines, and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The group Grindeks consists of JSC Grindeks and its companies: JSC Kalceks in Latvia, JSC Tallinn Pharmaceutical Plant in Estonia, HBM Pharma s.r.o. in Slovakia, Grindeks Rus in Russia, and SIA Namu Apsaimniekošanas projekti in Latvia. Branches of the company are open in 11 countries.

The main therapeutic groups of Grindeks are the cardiovascular, central nervous system, anticancer and diabetic drugs. Kalceks specializes in medicines in the hospital segment. The product range consists of the original products Mildronate® (meldonium) and Ftorafur® (tegafur), generic medicines as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients.

In 2020, the Group exported its products to 93 countries. The most important markets of Grindeks are European Union, Russia and other CIS countries, Israel, Australia, and the USA.

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