Grindeks holds first International Charity day

Grindeks holds first International Charity day


On May 15th, Grindeks International Charity day was held for the first time, during which 60 seniors from three Latvian counties made an organized, exploratory and healthy trip to Riga Zoo. Participants at the event met with a physiotherapist, strengthening their knowledge of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Grindeks International Charity day took place not only in Latvia, but also in the company’s representations – Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan and Georgia. Grindeks staff held concerts and performances at local retirement homes, visited lonely seniors, providing support at the household or providing a food parcel with the essentials.

Grindeks Charity day is planned to become an annual tradition in the future by holding educational and healthcare events for seniors. “As a leading pharmaceutical company in the Baltics, we are looking forward to strengthen the industry by engaging in various educational and development-oriented projects. The success of our work is closely linked to the experience, knowledge and succession gained. Grindeks International Charity day is logic development step in our corporate social responsibility, in which we want to draw the international community attention to the welfare of seniors and strengthen senior’s understanding about healthy lifestyle,” emphasizes Juris Hmeļņickis, JSC Grindeks Chairman of the Board.

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