Grindeks has launched mobile application that helps psychiatrists in remote therapy

Grindeks has launched mobile application that helps psychiatrists in remote therapy


Joint stock company Grindeks in collaboration with Latvian Psychiatric association, has developed and launched the mobile application* “Mood tracker Grindeks”, which helps doctors to supervise the patients with mental conditions and monitor their symptoms.  

Chairman of the Board of JSC Grindeks Ph. D. Juris Hmelnickis: “Our main goal in creating the application was to facilitate interaction between doctor and patient by using remote therapy methods.  We wanted to offer the service to support a patient during his journey, to improve the quality of patient’s life and raise the standards of medical care in psychiatry. The leading psychiatrists in Latvia were involved in the development process, as well as the internal departments of the company, such as clinical research, pharmacovigilance, IT, communication and marketing. And now we see that healthcare professionals perceive our product with gratitude in all our traditional markets. In return, we are proud that we can contribute to the progression of remote therapy’s services and are honoured to be partners for the medical community.” 

In view of emergency situation caused by the spread of Covid-19 and the increased demand for remote patients’ monitoring services, JSC Grindeks had made the application “Mood tracker Grindeks”  free of charge.

The principle of app “Mood tracker Grindeks” is quite simple – after downloading, the patient fills in the questionnaire which consists of the questions about his mood and other symptoms. Then he adds his medications and notes if it’s taken. When negotiated, the patient generates a pdf report for a certain period of time and sends it to his doctor. As a result, the physician receives the detailed information about the patient’s mental condition.

The app “Mood tracker Grindeks” is available in 150 countries and has 8 languages – Latvian, English, Russian, Estonian, Romanian, Slovak, Georgian and Azerbaijani. The app can be downloaded here:

*The app is a recommendation, it is not a medical advice or a treatment and should be used with the support of the healthcare professional. If you had experienced any symptoms, which were described in the app or any other symptoms, talk to your doctor.

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