Grindeks Expands Range of Generic Medicines and Activities in International Markets

Grindeks Expands Range of Generic Medicines and Activities in International Markets


Grindeks, the leading pharmaceutical enterprise in the Baltic States, announces its goals on essential expansion of a range of generic medicines and activities in international markets.

Grindeks believes that it has great potential to expand patients’ access to high-quality and effective medicines for treatment of important therapeutic directions – CNS diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and oncological diseases. In addition, Kalceks, a subsidiary enterprise of Grindeks, has made a convincing announcement of its presence in global competition in the hospital segment.

In recent years, the Grindeks Group has been growing rapidly and it is confident that, unlike the leaders of the global pharmaceutical market, it is able to respond quickly and flexibly to the needs and requirements of patients. The enterprise has been fulfilling drug development processes, knowledge transfer and continuous infrastructure development, in order to expand a portfolio of the generic products.

In 2022, Grindeks plans to apply 18 generic medicines for registration. Kalceks, the subsidiary enterprise, will apply 10 medicines for registration in the hospital segment.

Production of active pharmaceutical ingredients is also very important for the Group, since it is one Grindeks competitive advantages increasing its independence from raw material manufacturers. The enterprise as of now produces 25 active pharmaceutical ingredients, and they are in great demand. 46 new active pharmaceutical ingredients are under development.

To ensure availability of the medicienes of Grindeks and Kalceks for the patients, the Group has been developing its activities around the world. Last year, Grindeks products were exported to 103 countries worldwide. Along with the already existing representative offices and subsidiaries, subsidiary enterprises shall be opened this year in the USA, Switzerland and a number of countries of the European Union.

Dr. chem. Juris Hmelnickis, Chairman of the Board of Grindeks: “There are no unattainable goals if an enterprise works confidently, putting the needs of patients at the forefront. Grindeks team has proven its ability for coordinated progress towards a common goal. We are characterized by realization that we are doing something especially important for health of mankind. It is a call to help people. In addition, we have courage, knowledge and experience. The expansion of the range of the generic medicines and of Grindeks operations will bring great benefits to the patients, as the medicines will become more accessible to them.”

About Grindeks Group

Grindeks is an international pharmaceutical group, and its main activities are research, development, production and sale of original products, generic medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients. In 2021 the Group exported its products to 103 countries.

Grindeks Group consists of JSC Grindeks and its subsidaries: JSC Kalceks in Latvia, JSC Tallinn Pharmaceutical Plant in Estonia, HBM Pharma s.r.o. in Slovakia, Grindeks Kalceks Lietuva, Grindeks Kalceks Eesti, Grindeks Kalceks USA and Namu Apsaimniekosanas projekti in Latvia.

The main therapeutic groups of Grindeks are cardiovascular, central nervous system, anti-cancer and diabetes medicines. Kalceks specializes in medicines for the hospital segment.
The product range consists of the original products Mildronate® (meldonium) and Ftorafur® (tegafur), generic medicines as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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