Grindeks convincing development in international markets

Grindeks convincing development in international markets


Grindeks is the leading pharmaceutical company in the Baltic states that has reached a stage of development at the level, where strategic thinking and significant decision-making has become part of the company's daily operations. The company continues to enhance its competitiveness in European and global markets while achieving ambitious goals with tangible results.

Grindeks subsidiary Kalceks, which is specializing in hospital segment medications, successfully completed the first product registration in China in June of this year. The registration certificate has been obtained for a product belonging to the pharmacotherapeutic group of peripheral action muscle relaxants. It is used as a medium-duration non-depolarizing benzylisoquinoline skeletal muscle relaxant for intravenous administration. The product is indicated for use in surgical and other procedures in adults and children from 1 month of age.

Kirovs Lipmans, Grindeks chairman of the council, states, "The registration process in China is a time-consuming and complex procedure that lasted nearly three years. Despite various obstacles posed by the pandemic and geopolitical factors, Grindeks subsidiaries focused their attention on new products and global expansion last year. I am truly delighted with the achievements of the Grindeks and proud that at the Baltic level, we are one of the first pharmaceutical companies to register a generic medicine in China. The results of our team's work clearly demonstrate the company's competitiveness on the global stage."

Grindeks believes it has enormous potential to improve patient access to high quality and effective medicines in crucial therapeutic areas such as the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, diabetes, and oncology treatment. Furthermore, Grindeks subsidiary Kalceks has convincingly positioned itself in global competition in the hospital segment. The commercial launch of the registered medication in China is planned for the end of this year, opening new growth opportunities for the company in the Asian region. The company's management emphasizes that the registration process for three more Grindeks products is currently underway in China, with the receipt of registration certificates expected at the beginning of next year.

In recent years, the company has experienced rapid growth and is confident that, unlike the leaders in the global pharmaceutical market, it is capable of responding quickly and flexibly to patient needs and demands.

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