Grindeks congratulates on the summer solstice!

Grindeks congratulates on the summer solstice!


The magical summer solstice is finally here! A time when the light wins over the darkness, when it is the shortest night and the longest day! Grindeks is an international company with long history, which nurtures and respects traditions, promoting their continuity over the years. Celebrating the summer solstice is a beautiful Nordic tradition that symbolizes the arrival of summer after a long, dark winter. Since ancient times, midsummer has been one of the most anticipated annual holiday for Latvians as well.

On the longest day of the year and the shortest night, families meet at a joint celebration, go for a walk on the meadows, pick different herbs and weave wreaths of flowers and leaves. As soon as the sun sets, bonfires are lit, which must burn until the sunrise. It is said that bonfire on the night of the solstice promotes health and fertility, protects from the evil, soothes the mind and heart. People gather around bonfires, sing, dance and have a festive meal. Traditionally, the wreath from the midsummer celebration must be kept until the next year’s summer solstice and thrown into the bonfire that year, saying goodbye to last year’s difficulties and worries.

May the nature and sorcery of the summer solstice give each of us strength and health! May your thoughts and deeds be as warm and bright as the fire light!

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