Grindeks commence a new education support programme

Grindeks commence a new education support programme


On November 6, Grindeks entered into a new long-term education support programme by entering into an agreement with the five Latvian academic institutions in respect of mutual co-operation and financial support in the amount of 25,000 lats.

The aim of the programme is to promote the influx of specialists who meet contemporary requirements into the manufacture of medicines andt he circulation of the Latvian pharmaceutical community as a whole.

The co-operation agreement was entered into with three universities – the RTU Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry, the LU Faculty of Medicine, the RSU Faculty of Pharmacy, as well as two professional education institutions – Riga’s 1st School of Medicine and the Olaine College of Mechanics and Technology.

As part of the programme, each of the aforementioned academic institutions will receive 5,000lats. This money will go towards the improvement of the qualifications of academics, the hiring of foreign lecturers, providing for a contemporary reaching programme as well as improvement of the technical equipment of the referred to academic institution.

The support programme foresees mutual co-operation – individual training courses covering important subjects related to the pharmaceutical sector and manufacturing therein will be incorporated into the teaching programmes of the referred to academic institutions – EU legislation in the pharmaceutical sector, new manufacturing technologies, good manufacturing practice (GMP) etc. The co-operation foresees vocational training opportunities for graduates within the Grindeks company and for academics – opportunities to gain experience abroad. Moreover, Grindeks’ leading specialists will read lectures at the five academic institutions referred to.

As Grindeks Chairman of the Board, Valdis Jākobsons, the Academic Institutions Support Programme is a significant long-term personnel policy project for the company that will promote an efficient transition of generations of employees working in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector as well as assisting the preparation of professional specialists who meet the requirements of the EU market and who will play an integral role in the future development of the Latvian pharmaceutical sector.

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