Grindeks chairman receives a high international award

Grindeks chairman receives a high international award


On May 30, Valdis Jākobsons, Grindeks Chairman of the Board received the St. Georgi medal which is awarded by the international rating academy ‘Gold Fortune’ in co-operation with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The St. Georgi medal is awarded for outstanding achievements in various realms of human activity with the aim of promoting the recognition and popularity at international level of the efforts of the individuals and various organisations. The Presidents of the National and Royal Science Academies from 24 countries form the Presidium of the ‘Gold Fortune’ international academy.

During the ten years in which the rating academy has been in existence, this high-ranking award has been received by representatives from a total of 56 different countries, including Pope John Paul II, opera star Placido Domingo and others. The Georgi medal has also been received by such renowned international organisations as the Nobel Foundation, the Global Nuclear Research Centre in Geneva and UNESCO etc.

Candidates for this award were nominated by Latvian Embassy in the Ukraine. The Ambassador’s advisor said that Valdis Jākobsons was recommended as a recipient of this award because of his standing at the head of the largest pharmaceutical company in the Baltic States who for many years has promoted a successful relationship between Latvia and the Ukraine. Grindeks medicines make up a significant percentage of the total medicines imported into this country. Grindeks brand product Mildronate is particularly sought after in the Ukrainian market.

Commenting upon the receipt of such a distinguished award, Mr. Valdis Jākobsons said: “Realising how many notable people have been awarded this recognition, it was a great honour for me to receive the Georgi medal. It was also a considerable emotional experience – to receive this award from such a high-standing priest – the Metropolite of Kiev. This recognition is a tremendous source of gratification for me and is a stimulus for the work to come.”

This year another three people from Latvia received the Georgi medal – Organic Synthesis Institute Director, Professor Ivars Kalviņš, Latvian Academic Library Director, Venta Kocere and Latvia– Ukraine Secondary School Director, Lidija Kravčenko.

The awards ceremony took place in the Ukraine at the Synod meeting hall of the Kiev-Pechora monastery. During the ceremony, Georgi medal laureates also received the blessing of Vladimir, the spokesperson of the Kiev Metropolis and All Ukrainian Church.

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