Good Practice Award Winners are invited to Spain

Good Practice Award Winners are invited to Spain


At the end of November, the closing ceremony of European Week 2003 – Dangerous Substances – Work Carefully took place in the Spanish city of Bilbao to which representatives of Grindeks – the first company from Latvia to receive the Good Practice Award – were invited. Natālija Jevharitska, the pharmacist responsible for Grindeks’ active ingredients business structure represented the company at the closing ceremony and received the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work’s certificate

Natālija Jevharitska participated in the working groups that took place as part of European Week 2003 which provided forums for the exchange of experiences in regard to a number of subjects that are linked to work safety and activities with dangerous substances including – the successful replacement of dangerous substances with less hazardous equivalents, effective exchanging of information and the establishment of a data base for dangerous substances and strategies and policies linked to hazardous substances. The event was concluded by a colloquium in which leading European Union specialists swapped views regarding the aforementioned subjects.

Natālija Jevharitska noted that among European Union candidate countries, the certificate was also awarded to representatives from the Czech Republic, Rumania and Malta.

The receipt of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work’s certificate demonstrates the high opinion held by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work regarding the efforts of PJSC Grindeks to improve work and environmental safety within the company.

One of the goals of European Week 2003 is to succeed in reducing the number of people employed in the chemical industry who suffer from health problems that have been caused by exposure to dangerous substances within the work environment as well as to promote understanding regarding the risks of dangerous substances and provide information to users regarding safe working with such substances Moreover, the purpose of the Good Practice Award is demonstrate the benefits to employers and employees of observing good practice in the area of work safety and the protection of health.

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