Environmental protection topic is discussed on the World Health Day

Environmental protection topic is discussed on the World Health Day


On April 7 2008 – World Health Day – Latvian Association of Chemicaland Pharmaceutical Industries (LAKIFA) in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment and JSC Grindeksheld informative seminar „Mechanisms to Support Entrepreneurs in Implementation of Environment Programmes”.

The seminar was purposively held on the World Health Day, when the World Health Organisation (WHO) appealed to the world public to draw attention to health effects of climate change. Everyone is important in the struggle against climate change, particularly, enterprises, which manufacturing processes affect the environment – air, land and other environment components. In order to achieve tangible results, the environment shall be protected in complex and co-operation shall be at civil, national and global level. Therefore, the seminar was aimed to draw entrepreneurs’ attention to environmental protection aspects and inform about global climate change, affecting factors, mechanisms to support environment programmes at enterprises as well as to involve entrepreneurs in commitment to environment-safe manufacturing processes.

„Important in solution of environmental protection issues are commitment to and support of entrepreneurs in implementation of environment programmes by the country as well as exchange of entrepreneurs’ experience and readiness to solve the environmental issues at their enterprises,” – emphasised LAKIFA Executive Director Raina Dūrēja in the opening speech.

„I believe that Grindeks experience and visit to the unique Analytical Scale-up Laboratory, where participants of the seminar will be able to learn about environmentally friendly technologies, will be a good example in environmental protection,” – stressed Chairman of the Board of JSC Grindeks Jānis Romanovskis welcoming the seminar participants .

The following persons spoke at the seminar Aiga Rūrāne, Representative of the World Health Organisation in Latvia, Raina Dūrēja, LAKIFA Executive Director, Linda Leja, Head of Climate Policy Division, Climate and Renewable Energy Department at Latvian Ministry of the Environment, Astrīda Burka, Director of  Enterpreneurship and Industry Department at Latvian Ministry of Economics, Ilze Puriņa, Chairman of the Board of „Environmental investment fund” Ltd. and Imants Dāvidsons, Quality Director of JSC Grindeks.

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