We are the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in Baltic States operating since 1946. Grindeks Group consists of 4 subsidiaries with manufacturing plants in Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia. We do our best to produce high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients and final dosage forms, ensuring our patients and partners with safe and modern products.

Our mission is to make people’s lives healthier and easier. We create simple and innovative solutions to improve quality of life.

Our vision is to provide the best health support for every person worldwide and to become a world-class pharmaceutical company.

Humanity – we treat people’s health needs with honour and responsibility, we are approachable and ready to help.

Simplicity – we make the complex things simple and do everything we can to make health solutions accessible to everyone.

Growth – our product portfolio meets today’s needs and dynamic lifestyle in order to address health issues in an innovative way.Growth – our product portfolio meets today’s needs and dynamic lifestyle in order to address health issues in an innovative way.

Health of a society is one of the national priority areas. Being a world-class pharmaceutical company located in the Baltic States and a major player in the Latvian economy, Grindeks feels co-responsible for public health and the underlying health care and does what it takes in order to promote its development.

Pharmacy is an industry whose technology is developing very fast and each year quality standards increase. Expanding its activities, the company annually invests considerable resources in the development of manufacturing, research and quality. The company’s development is our pride! As a sustainable and development oriented company Grindeks is pleased to be one of the leading Latvian manufacturers that manufactures products with high added value. When walking its path of development, Grindeks has strengthened its vertical integration capability for years, namely, executing a full company cycle with its own resources – research, development, manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and final dosage forms, registration and sales.

Performance results and success of the company also enhances the Grindeks’ contribution to sustainable economic, social and environmental development. Grindeks actively involves in Corporate Social Responsibility projects, particularly taking care of the development of science and education in Latvia. Grindeks’ diverse social activities, close interaction with science and education, continuous dialogue with the healthcare industry professionals and patients, as well as the high level of public trust are the major success drivers for the company’s further development.

Grindeks’ Council is deeply grateful to the company’s patients, clients, partners and employees and wishes something really important for everybody – good health!

Sincerely yours, Kirovs Lipmans