Capacious ointment and gel production of Grindeks

Capacious ointment and gel production of Grindeks


Grindeks’ Main fields of action are research, development, manufacturing and sales of original products, generics and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Grindeks Group consists of 4 subsidiary companies and representative offices in 11 countries.

Ointments and gels are a significant part of Grindeks product portfolio that have been developed and produced for many years. The company is proud of its experience and know-how in development and production processes.

To increase the capacity of Grindeks ointment and gel production, the company has finalized establishment of the brand new production unit in Riga, Latvia. The new production unit is about to ensure the capacity up to 20 million tubes per year. The total investments of the ointment and gel production unit are EUR 3.6 million. «Grindeks» has successfully passed licensing inspection and received manufacturing license for the unit and is expecting passing of GMP inspection in November 2012.

Ointment and gel production consists of two technological lines – for small series and basic production. Production is contributed in the premises of D-grade cleanliness.

There are following premises and facilities in the new Grindeks unit:

  • two different, Ex proof homogenizers with automatic vacuum loading of powder and other raw materials and dispensing of purified water and ethanol;
  • preparation reactors of aqueous phase;
  • preparation reactors of fatty phase;
  • powder hoppers;
  • stainless steel tanks for storage of ointment mass;
  • ointment mass’ feeding machine;
  • tube filling machine;
  • check-weigher for automatic weighing of filled tubes;
  • automated cartooning machine.

There is a modern, automated control system that is controlling the microclimate in the premises, operation of the engineering systems, as well as the other production processes and considerably cutting down the energy resources, while the modern, high-powered equipment ensures safe, efficient and environmentally friendly production.

In order to insure fast development of topical product line, Grindeks has significantly enforced the topical products development and production team. The capacity of the new unit is set up with the supplementary reserve, therefore «Grindeks» is opened to providing contract services, including development, scale-up and manufacturing of ointments and gels.

The ointment and gel production unit  of «Grindeks» is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Source: Capacious ointment and gel production of «Grindeks», ShowDaily

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