Calidad y seguridad

Calidad y seguridad

Safety of medicines directly impacts the health of the patients and, under the certain circumstances, the wider society. Therefore, safety measures must be considered with great care and attention. Pharmaceutical industry is to the very large extent responsible for patients’ health and life condition and plays a significant role in preventing potential risks.

Our products are widely exported, therefore health of people all around the world is dependent upon these products’ superior quality and safety. As pharmaceutical industry participant, Grindeks acknowledges the high responsibility level and considers the safety issues to be a priority under all conditions. All the products, that reach patients, meet international regulatory requirements, and are proofed to be of the highest quality.

Grindeks Quality certification

• EU GMP certificate for final dosage forms and API
• EU GDP certificate for drug wholesale
• ISO 9001
• ISO 50001
• ISO 14001
• Successfully passed PMDA and U.S. FDA